Team building | play basketball today, work hard tomorrow

2020-06-08 13:39:00  Company News

For a company

Staff have sufficient and solid centripetal force and cohesion

It is undoubtedly the best driving force to push and assist the collective wave breaking voyage


An efficiency and professional work team

Nor should just soak in heavy work

A heart oriented team building activity also needed regularly

It enriched the cultural life

And enhanced the teamwork ability

Also relaxe the mood of employee


At the beginning of June, the music of summer begins to sound

The convention center family gathered on the basketball court

A wonderful basketball game was launched

crossover, dribble, layup

Feel the youth, wanton sweat

Winning or losing is no longer the key

Work stress is released

Camaraderie is growing

Team and individual morale

Also inspired by this team building


Play basketball today, work hard tomorrow


Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center

With high specification, diversified site facilities

As well as high standards, high efficiency of professional services

The staff will treat every customer wholeheartedly

Think what customer think

Worry what customer worry

Address what customer concern