Congratulations to the New Year | Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center

2020-01-25 11:10:00  Company News

Spring returned, fresh starts for everything
The bell of the Chinese New Year has sounded
At this happy moment of reunion
Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center
I wish the people of the city
Happy Chinese New Year

General Manager's Office
Good news in spring tide
Full of joy of struggle and harvest
We cherish farewell 2019
Full of dreams of opportunity and growth
We usher in a new 2020
At this happy moment
Zhang Wei, General Manager of Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center with General Manager's Office
I wish the people of the city and colleagues in the exhibition industry
Happy new year and smooth work,
Good health and good luck!

Human Resources Department
Looking back, we are grateful
Looking to the future, we have a responsibility
This Spring Festival
All members of the personnel department of Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center
Sincere thanks to the front-line exhibition staff
To obscure, supportive family members,
For those who are concerned about the construction and development of this exhibition center
Friends from all walks of life extend their sincere blessings

Finance Department
Time shifts
Looking back on 2019
We are all motivated and committed
Looking forward to 2020
We will continue to promote the professionalism of financial people
At this happy reunion moment
The Finance Department pays tribute to all the members of the center
Sincere thanks to every member of the exhibition

marketing department
Looking back at the past, we are filled with emotion
Looking ahead, we are excited
2019 we use performance to express results
We will seize opportunities and meet challenges in 2020
Go all out and work hard
Create a better future for Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center

Catering Department
Retired with joy
Longing for the New Year in my heart
2019 is a year full of opportunities and challenges
face challenge
Catering staff
Demonstrate the super ability of the team with strength
We will face more challenges in 2020
Complete every activity guarantee task to a higher standard

Engineering & Construction Services
Joy accompanied by sweat
This Spring Festival
Engineering & Construction Services
Company leaders and colleagues
Express my sincere blessings
We will continue to improve ourselves in 2020
Ensure efficient and high-quality operation of venue equipment

Security Department
We adhere to high standards and strict requirements in 2019
Successfully complete many large-scale event support tasks
We will work together in 2020
Together, united, and motivated
Towards higher and farther goals

2019, we have a lot of results
Facing our achievements, we are grateful
In 2020, we will be aggressive
Just fight for the day and night, and live up to Shaohua!