Don't forget your heart, remember your mission | Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center held a solemn flag raising ceremony

2020-04-02 15:24:45  Company News

The national flag is flying and the national anthem is exciting! On the morning of April 1, Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center held a solemn flag-raising ceremony in the square in front of C1! The corporate leadership team and all employees participated in the activities.

At 8:30 in the morning, the flag-raising ceremony officially started. The heroic flag guards escorted the bright five-star red flag into the field. In the magnificent volunteer army march, all employees looked solemnly and looked at the five-star red flag with 45 degrees of attention Rising slowly, fluttering in the wind by the shore of Zilang Lake.

Don't forget your heart, keep your mission in mind
Make every effort to create a high-quality urban "living room"
"What is the original intention, what is the mission, what is the struggle?" Since the opening of Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center, the company has actively carried out party building, publicity, and corporate culture construction, and established a national flag-raising system on the first working day of each month , Requiring all company members to participate in order to inspire employees to love the party, patriotism, dedication, and continuous innovation.
What's behind the flag? It is unity! And all the exhibitors are well aware of the power of solidarity. The successful completion of each safeguard task cannot be separated from the team's solidarity and cooperation. In the future, all exhibitors will not forget their original intentions and keep their mission in mind. With high standards, professional service standards, and diligent work style, they will escort the convention and exhibition brand and build Nantong's high-quality city "living room".

See the solemn moment of the national flag rising in the spring breeze
A chapter in the era of co-writing exhibitions in summer and winter
All staff of Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center
Unite as one
Create a new future for conventions and exhibitions