Valentine's Day | Isolation can not be separated from love Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center with you to guard with love

2020-02-14 11:05:00  Company News

February 14, Valentine's Day
"Sweet" is synonymous with this festival
Valentine's Day in 2020 is doomed to be different
Sudden outbreak
Disrupted the original rhythm of life
Many lovers are forced to separate

Isolate virus not isolate love
Although difficulties and viruses will isolate each other

But love connects them tightly

"Baby, I miss you so much"
This is the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine
The real scene that appears
Meet for the first time in 11 days
A kiss wearing a mask across the glass
Talking about the feelings of love
Also made tears for countless people

The virus has no feelings but people have feelings
At this special time
Valentine's Day is no longer exclusive to love
It belongs to every love that flows in the world
"The most beautiful retrograde", caring company
Caring material support

Before the epidemic
Everyone, with blood
Build the strongest protective wall with love

"Wuhan Come" "China Come"
We always believe
No winter will not pass
No spring will not come
Don't be afraid of how difficult it is!
Every day is Valentine's Day!