Everyone is busy with construction, and they are working hard to warm the heart.

2019-09-17 10:46:40  Media Reports

High temperature yellow warning!
this summer
Still maintaining the style of previous years
Sun like fire
Heat wave
All employees of Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center
To welcome the 2019 China Forest Tourism Festival
Preparing in a tight and orderly manner
High temperatures can't stop the busyness of the construction site.
The staff at the scene are on the scorching sun
Strive to successfully complete the task
Not afraid of the heat, go deep into the scene
Engineering quality is the core,
Do a good job in every project,
With an ingenuity of excellence.
From deepening advice to engineering supervision,
Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center,
Strictly control every detail to ensure the quality of the project!

Exhibition center leaders inspect the progress of the project

Nantong City Special Patrol Police Detachment, the main person in charge of the Public Security Brigade
Investigate traffic routes (traffic and site conditions outside the venue)
At the construction site of Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center,
Every construction worker,
They all stick to the sun and compete with the high temperature.

Site construction photo

Site construction photo

Site construction photo

At present, all departments of the exhibition center have made great efforts to start the work of the conference and exhibition center.
In hot weather,
For government agencies, industry associations, enterprises and institutions, etc., please introduce the functional division of Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center and the details of the exhibition hall.

Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department leaders visited the International Hall
In order to make the construction site temperature not so hot,
The logistics support work will never relax.
The ice is cooled by the site.

Cooling on site
Create a smart venue
In addition to the traditional exhibition functions such as event display and creative landing, Nantong International Convention and Exhibition Center
More emphasis is placed on the value of the space operation and maintenance of the venue and the flow of customer traffic.
Committed to building a smart venue.

Engineering Department Marketing Department Network Information Department and other discussions
The use and promotion of the sixth generation of intelligent venues
Thank you for your hard work and dedication
High temperature continues
Every builder
The clothes soaked in sweat are their medals
it's here
For each person who insists on the front line
One voice
You have worked hard!